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Sunday, February 05, 2006


The Left Side of my Left Foot

The other day
When I was going for a walk
Out in the wilderness

A huge sky fell on my toe

A heartless, shiftless
Sheer abundance!

I struggled to move it
Pushed hard as I could
Jostled with it
But nothing worked

Till a soft wind blew
Moving it slightly
Releasing from underneath
My battered toe

I walk around as usual now
It’s just that… since that day

The left side of my left foot

Is a Cobalt blue.

deepti naval

oooh, i absolutely loved her book. I actually ddnt even freakin know she wrote poetry. Read the previous one on ur blog and went and got myself the book. Tho, my fav one undoubtedly is :

My Dreams

My dreams
For the real thing,

And my reality
A dream . . .

and now 'v' has promised me an autographed copy of her book, only if he remembers ever !
once again - oh, i am completely in love with her. she lives 2 buildings away from me! my favorite is 'lines on my hands'. and if 'v' gives 'you' the autographed copy, he will also be breathing his last.
very nice poem. really, really.
Please to continue posting such beautiful pieces from her book. I am ready for every bite :D

PS: Really liked the piece 'My Dreams' which Once Again mentioned above!
Grumpf you have the time to blog, but to not to send me the promised email (am feeling very ditched and very sidelined and very ignored...and am hoping that THIS time the tantrum works!)
closetalk - thanks. and i like you latest post.

casablanca - will surely do so.

geetanjali - you know tantrums dont work with me.
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