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Friday, February 24, 2006



i have no clue why i post this. that too at past 2 in the morning. but i must. just.
my fridge consists of the following:
1. mayonaisse
2. brown bread
3. cheese
4. strawberries
5. grapes
6. pasta
7. carton of milk
8. toblerone (lotsa)
9. after eight (gift)
10. guava cheese (remains of a holiday in goa)
and there isnt anything else in my fridge besides these 10 items. hahaha. you know why i am writing this? to prove a point. never, ever, ever believe me if i say that i am happy being single. ever.

Very irrelevant I assure you, but I still have a question: Who keeps bread in the fridge?? Doesnt it harden?!
Honey - you have all the major food groups covered. What're you worrying about? Now some vodka would've been nice :)
casa - hehe. a loaf of break with about 15 slices lasts me a week. so i have to put it in the fridge. i warm slices when i have to eat some.

ameet - i forgot theres some beer too. but i dont stock vodka, would turn into a manic alcoholic in a jiffy.
*opens the door steals the after eight and toblerone and runs away*
oi - I lined ya !
*linked ! stupid K alphabet !
casa- i keep bread in the fridge too.
strawberries- reminds of the fabulous party at ur place.
toblerone- someone gave me huge bar on my b'day so once again u can steal it.
aristera - what happened to foie-gras???????
once again - you shall do no such thing. you are on a diet, remember!

aparna - foie gras in summer? nah!
You've explained abt the bread, but mon cher, pray tell me why you must have UNCOOKED pasta in the FRIDGE?
geeta - your guess is as good as mine. though i think its coz of the bombay heat. things just stay fresher in the fridger. coffee beans too, btw.
Fridge shelf-space is like valuable city real estate. There are the Manhattans and the Dharavis.
why can't they have single serve bread loafs :-(

have got rid of everything in mine other than apples & brown bread
wild reeds - am fortunate and havent faced the scarcity of either. and manhattan it is.

guppie - i know! apples and brown bread is good.
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