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Sunday, February 19, 2006

How Many Hands Do I Need to Declare My Love for You

Did you draw that??
yup. a working on a series of drawings titled the same. bout 30 works.
mmmm.. ure a genius darling.
o, and the 10 things u mentioned... actually 20 things.... mmm, dont wory too much abt it. u know, most of dem arent really important! ;-)
Most impressive! I actually thought you were an architect...
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closetalk - sigh. to me they matter...

casa - but i am not an artist by profession. its an old old indulgence, tho.
hmmm 30 thats a tad too much nah !
LOL so now you're going by the prof of architect eh? Casa, he's a born artist...and one day will be a prof one as well :-)

You know, if you need to have more than your two regular hands to rpove your love for anyone...hell if you must prove it to anyone in the first place, then that person isn't worth your time, and definitely not your tears. Lesson learnt the hard way but a lesson learnt well.
Brilliant sketch.
guppie - is it now?

geets - you do make sense

wild reeds - merci beacoup, mon ami.
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