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Thursday, February 23, 2006


cold women. a date. birthday

all's well.
feel good. no fever or fatigue.
just a cold lingers.
am taking it easy, work wise.
not burnt out. am happy.
dvd player working. got a fresh replacement.
the water purifier was fine. i didnt know how to turn it on (deja-vu, anyone?)
watched 'Blanc' or 'White' (if you must) from the colour trilogy. loved it.
Dominique (played by Julie Delpy) is cold. why does he still love her? i am fascinated by cold women who are loved. Estella (played by Gwenyth Paltrov) in Great Expaectations is cold and hurts Finnigen Bell (Ethan Hawke) each time he is extremely happy about something. it kills me. and is she HOT or is she HOT? Dominique of 'Fountainhead' (that trashy novel by Ayn Rand) also falls into the same category.
went for drinks at zenzi last night (for sure my favorite bar). i dont know if it was a date. but had a fabulous fabulous time. had to politely sip on white wine (the recent bout of flu, you see). while my friend/date merrily guzzled 3 very tempting capriojkas (to hell with how it is spelt... i love it for the mint. but i still swear by my bloddy marry's and martinis and appletinis). date/friend wore something from Anokhi. brownie points! talked about everything under the sun. drinks, college, zenzi, architecture, bombay, urban planning, human rights, sex, friends, clubs, traffic, books, films, life. lookng forward to an encore. amen.
my birthday on saturday! wooohooo. 25 on 25.

Speaking of cold women who are loved, have you seen Breakfast at Tiffany's? Holly Golightly is one of my all-time favorite characters.

Glad you're feeling better and enjoying yourself!
yes she is a tease in that movie.
loved her in shakespeare in love.
ethan hawke- well well what i can i say about him..he is sooooooooo HOT.i am so happy he left uma thurman.
also love the scene where they kiss at water-fountain.
water -purifier does nothing - i got jaundice 5 months after we installed aquagaurd.

PS Me thinks me should turn cold, what say? ;-)

Aparna - It could be that your water purifier isn't at fault since we consume food & water frm all over the world anyways...
ameet - have i seen breakfast at tiffany's ? ROTFL. i am living it. i stand with a capuccino and a donut in hand. my shades (the large jackie o kinds) outside tiffany's. i live the mean reds.

aparna - poor you. and i think the water fountain scene is the sexiest ever.

geets - yes. perhaps one must turn cold
Bloody Marys we like, but it fills me up. Heavy, no?
Martinis, we dont like.
Appletinis... naaa.

But yes, mojitos we like. Tequila with anything, and I mean, ANYTHING, we like.

As you can see, I had a few too many mojitos last night, and aint making much sense now. If only I didnt have to come to office :(
casa - et tu, brute? do you also live to drink? hehe. mojitos are good during the day.
Speaking of 'all's well', a baby mouse came with some fruits my folks brought in a bag from the farmhouse. It had its run of the place for 4 days, but then visions of it gnawing away my broadband connection (and electric wiring) rose before my eyes. So Walrus the Cook brought a rat-trap from her neighbour's place. And the mouse entered it! Released it in the building garden.

I feel I am channeling the spirit of Maneka at the moment.
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