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Saturday, February 04, 2006


books my foot

ENTITY: i love literature
ME: oh, do you now?
ENTITY: ya, ya.i read an awesome book.
ME: awesome book?
ENTUTY: you must read it
ME: .....
ENTITY: its about art.
ME: thats nice....
ENTITY: ya, Da Vinci Code
ME: @#$%^**^*
ENTITY: but...
ME: shut up!
a friend and i were randomly surfing channel on one of my two televisions (i watch about 30 mins of it per month so its a bit funny to have two tellies...bizzare rented furnish appt, you see) last night and on NDTV there were interviewing Paolo Coehlo. and my friend got all excited about it. it ticked me off. cant stand it. i think the Alchemist was candy floss trash. reductionist, overtly simplified junk. 'Literature' for the Dimwit (LFD).
so i decided to make a list of books which are LFD...
1. The Alchemist
2. 5 Point Someone
3. Da Vinci Code
4. Harry Potter
5. Who Moved My Cheese
6. 7 Habits of Highly Successful People
7. One Night At The Call Centre

cant come up with more right now. but am sure there a tonnes more.
but it was heartning to see the mad crowds at The Strand Sale.
i went beserk and shopped beyong my means.
but no regrets.
have sworn to give 'A Clock Work Orange' a second chance.
Read 3 whole pages of Calcutta Chromosome. HATED IT.
i think he is immensely overrated.
gimme a Seth, any day.
on a not very different note, my birthday is around the corner. well not really around the corner, but 3 weeks is not too far, na?

Well K the list is quite eclectic - and there does seem to be a bias towards so called "business books" I didn't know you read them !!

Have read alchemist - thought it was very fable like and could be read at whatever level u wanted to - everyone can't be a intellectual darling

As to the rest Da vinci was a good idea but really bad literature/ book and Harry Potter is quite good. As for the rest havent read them and dont intend to.

As for the Seth vs Amitav Ghosh debate - well my response in corporate lingo is believe in the Power of the AND and not the tyranny of the OR - both are awesome and have their own style - CC & Glass Palace are his worst books according to me - Read Shadow Lines & In an Antique Land.

Maybe thats my gift to u on ur birthday Ghosh's books !
LOL you are such an adorable literary snob you know that? And you're snobbery doesn't even apply to merely LFD (as yu term it) but others as well...
Btw kinda agree with Guppie abt the alchemist (which btw YOU recommended to me) - it's that kind of light fable-like story that can be read and appreciated by tout le monde. True for some, it's oversimplified, but then it's not bhai-bandhu of some of those others in this preliminary list of yours!
Shit this topic can be argued to death na...
BTW that conversation with enti(u)ty? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at the time :-)

PS Guppie, he will love you a little less if you gift him Ghosh...and he's deja read Shadow Lines courtesy me and hates me for it almost as much as he does for Clockwork Orange ;-)
(Kindly pls ignore grammar mistakes & typos in comment - most embarassed I am abt them)
...let me add more to the list:

all management books - grossly over-rated
all the fish whatever books
all the silly not-worth-it-at-all c.s lewis narnia chronicles

guppie...alchemist? the only good thing about the book was that it ended...

amitav ghosh - i tried and tried and tried...only loved shadow lines..hated the hungry tide

seth - rocks!!
Hey guys. On behalf of all IIT'ians let me tell you Five point something is a slice of personal history retold in a style better than most of us could manage.

One night however is a feeble attempt by Chetan to do an Arundhati.

Somehow they think that once they have a marginally sucessfull book they are well qualified to comment on society and everything under the sun.

Arundhati fails and so will Chetan.

All that talk in the previous blog about a mag with no names mentioned. I am extremely suspicious.

Have you by any chance done a cover story in the Playgirl. Or perhaps the artwork for the playmate of the month...


*calling up my freindly paperwalla and asking him to send over the copy pronto. So what if your work does not feature in it. I'm told the editorials are extremely readable.*
gee - not a snob only also prejudiced - books he doesn't like are trash or LFD. And secondly what kind of person doesn't like clockwork orange. And I promise to try and read the "last song of the dusk" if he gives Ghosh a chance

V - well mgmt is not philosophy !
And a lot of people would react to a lot of the arty books similarly

Viraf - the 1st book it seems is not bad but those who know him personally find it hilarious for him to write disdainfully abt grades.
guppie- any list i compile is bound to be eclectic (beams innocently). hv read some bussiess books. these days i hv this strange feeling that i might have been better off in a B school. i tried CC. ghosh's style? where was it? dont even take seth's name in the same breath! i will kill you for that.

geets - 'adorable literary snob'! hmpf. Alchemist is a fable. never said it any of these books are BAD. said that they are nt literature. LFD's talk of these as best books ever. and call themselves voracious readers. that is the point i failed to make coherently, it seems.

sex and mumbai - you bet!

f-cubed - i think God of Small Things is a brilliant book. nuanced and rich imagery. loved it. but only the second time i read it. hated it the first time. and please dont compare that chetan thingy with her. have read her earlier screenplays and they are awesome!

guppie- ofcourse i am prejudiced. but not a literary snob. i am re-reading clockwork orange. so gimme a break. i gave ghosh a chance and he failed. so now you give sanghvi the same.
f-cubed - playgirl? not yet. not yet. and am sure the editorials are extremely 'readable' (wink).
too intellectual a conversation for dear ol' me. but i just thought i'd say hello. in any case, we don't read much down here, at the bottom of the rubbish pile.
oh and i just saw the davinci code trailer... they made tom hanks look like he isn't tom hanks. or at least they think they did. doesn't look so bad, but i think they made it before. oh no wait, that was a beautiful mind. giggle.
bluegreenfly - am glad you figured for once. hello.
God of small things was good. My problem is with the whole bunch of Political "Me trying to change the world" books and articles that came after it.

its the greenpeace / Bush kind of extremist idelogy of Arundhati which is irritating. Anyobdy who wants to skim thru pulp - try crichton's state of fear
oops for those wondering this was just a take on her environmental politics - crichton's book is a perversion of the entire climate change debate
f-cubed - i personally think its her way of doing something. its too left wing, but its her way. its better than not doing anything about things. which is where most of us stand.

guppie - dont reccomend pulp on my blog! grrrrrr!
Darling I profess to be a literary snob myself - aint no bad thing to be. We lit snobs know how to make the diff bet trash, LFD and real lit :-D
Agree with most of your list... but as for Chetan Bhagat's books.. I dont think he ever claimed it was literature. They always were meant to be 'box office hits' aimed at the masses, if you know what I mean.
I'm just too exhausted to read... am currently reading "Sixty Million Frenchmen cannot be wrong", a humorous but very exacting analysis of contemporary French culture. Available at Oxford bookstore at Churchgate.
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