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Saturday, February 25, 2006


25 on 25

birthday. birthday. time flies and all that. while i munched on grapes and after eight chocolates, and watched an extremely aesthetically sound film 'Bad Education' (a birthday present from a dear dear friend), the door bell rings. i roll my eyes. hoping its not any unpleasant relation. then think it must be a flowers delivery. much too my suprise, its guppie and r. armed with a cake! i am beyond happy. a little embarassed. after a long work day and the next day being working for one of them... am very embarrased. but alls well that begins well. got a call from two of my oldest friends (poona and paris). still waiting for the third school friend to call (delhi). am sure she will. waiting for my college roomie to call. am other buddy was sloshed on cheap wine (at the press club) so i guess its better he didnt call at night and talk nonsense (not that he talks any sense when sober). kidding! my madcap friend put an alarm to call me (time zones can be a pain, na?) at night and also in the morning! the silly kid called too. put an alarm, was barely awake, wished me a drowsy birthday! haha. parents, cousins, friends parents. am very touched. need to go meet my nani. have my morning cuppa coffee with her. go to the mandir (a ritual i stick to) and then head to class. usual day.
feel all grown up. really. life coming a full circle. first birthday once i started living on my own. oh, my associate got me a ru and raisin cake, baked by an old lady in chembur. she knew i like such offbeat things. hehe. but reminded my of 36 chowringee lane. will post my gifts list at night! woohoo.
and i so cant resist this quote, which i know a lot of people will roll their eyes at and go, "aristera, grow up!", but the peter pan in me at some levels refuses to.
the secret of life is never to have an emotion that is unbecoming. - Wilde
February 25: National Day in Kuwait (1950)

1570 - Pope Pius V issued the papal bull Regnans in Excelsis to excommunicate Queen Elizabeth I and her followers in the Church of England.
1836 - Samuel Colt received a patent for a "revolving gun."
1921 - The Democratic Republic of Georgia was occupied by the Soviet Red Army.
1951 - The first Pan American Games opened in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1986 - EDSA Revolution: Corazón Aquino was inaugurated as President of the Philippines, as Ferdinand Marcos fled the nation after 20 years of rule.
aristera was born.

Happy birthday darling. May you have all that you ever dream of.
hey shorty, its ur budday - happy happy ! ooooh - what cake was it !? My bestest favoruite is the bailey's cake. * reaches out to wipe drool from kepboard *

happy happy once again !

Happy birthday!

50 years ago, Nikita Khrushchev held a speech in front of the CP general assembly, condemning Stalinist crimes, therewith marking a turning point in Russian politics. Heard that on the radio.
temple - hmmm
tell ur associate the cake was really really yummy
and u really r spelling impaired !
Happy Birthday aristera! May you have a fabulous year.
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A little belated... but Happy Happy Birthday :D
ameet - merci!

casa - merci!
birthday greetings fellow adam!!! a litl late but had to keep up the adam legacy
Ok now that you've hit the 25 mark and entered grihashashrama, GROW Up ;-)
Muhahaha...*hugs* Loads of love baccha, always! Tu me manques bcp ces jours...bcp!

P.S Why you thanked only 2 of your wishers?
Yeah, why haven't we been thanked? Hanh? Hanh?
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