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Friday, February 17, 2006

10 things I wish I wasn’t:
1. out of shape
2. insecure
3. suffering from low self-esteem
4. a procrastinator
5. arrogant and sarcastic (as a defense mechanism)
6. bad at spellings
7. single
8. so blind when in love
9. sooo not-well-read
10. fickle minded (and how!)
10 things I wish I was:
1. all toned and muscle
2. intelligent
3. to the manor born
4. aware of the world affairs
5. selfless
6. simple
7. older
8. confident and self-assured
9. more skilled (to play an instrument or dance or something)
10. someone else, some place else.
Currently playing in my head: ‘mera kuch samaan tumhare paas pada hai’.
I relate to this song at any point every point.
Catharsis: saw an ex on a date. An ex I am so over. The ex was out with this famous guy. A semi-celeb of sorts. It irritated me. A lot. Disgusted me even. None of my business. True. But I did find it very irksome. Just had to put it down on the blog. Or I’d be playing it in my head all the time. be right back. *aristera goes to the washroom, throws up*. aah am back!

10 things I wish I wasn’t:
1. out of shape - hello i am joining this club. can i be the founder member?
2. insecure - yes yes i know what u mean. feel the pangs and how
3. suffering from low self-esteem - all the time. i a low self-esteem. i personify it.
5. arrogant and sarcastic (as a defense mechanism)- yes i guess thats why we are so comfortable with each other
7. single - story of our lives
8. so blind when in love - totally i think we become deaf and dumb as well.
9. sooo not-well-read - so many books so little time
10. fickle minded (and how!) - my family so thinks that i am always fickle minded. i have just been hearing that all my life, or at least whatever life i have lived.

just trying to draw similarities cos i know there are many...

the song playing in my head: katra katra from the same movie. after all its only katra katra...
oooh ooh I love lists :) I am gonna do it too :-)

and I saw RDB, totally agree with you, dumb fuckin indian audience have no fucking clue what humor is. When one must laugh and one musnt. dickheads !

Can so relate to the ex sequence cuz ex's my child are meant to aggravate em irritations. Well, thank your stars you were not stuck in traffic, bumper to bumper if i must add. And to sum it up, a month old EX. :) 45 mins. Next car. sigh, the many tribulations of this life :)
cher aristera you will be out of shape if u hog all the bread and foi-gras.
s&m- have told u millions of times u are not fat . i am tired of hearing u say that over and over again.
from Jack Kerouac, Brooklyn Bridge Blues: You are perfect already

Yes, Jack's himself quoting but I love the pome so, so let's take it from him, the NY mantraite, the guru of art and booze
Jaan...stop know happiness lies ard the corner na? I think we should stop looking so hard for's probably staring us in the face but we are too busy fucking up our lives to realise...or atleast others are busy fucking up our lives and making it diff for us to spot happiness.

Btw I love you the way you are - you with muscles? EWWWWW Gross! No no no...
i echo geet's reaction with regards to you wanting to be like arnold Schwarzenegger.
annonymous - :0)

geetanjali - ok ok.

aparna - where do you get such wrong ideas girl?
1. why the qualification to sarcastic
2. toned i get but muscular !!
3. and as for the ex's - they be damned - and sorry for not getting the difference between dating & seeing that day
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