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Monday, January 16, 2006


you think this post can have a title?

this is not the life i want to lead.

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That is an okay feeling to have, as long as you know, which is the life you do want to lead. Do you know?
'which is the life u want to lead', casa? not sure dat's possible. confusion, confusion. its ok to live in the fog, aristera, most ppl do.
Baccha what happnd in the rendezvous with my father that made you say THIS?

Livinghigh I beg to disagree - fog after a point suffocates and it's slow, painful death...don't be wishing anyone that! The fog HAS to lift after a point...and it WILL! Hang in there sweetie, you'll get through it...

One last word if I may?

"This too shall pass. This too..."

i don't u would want it to be otherwise - the idle rich, the kept man, the spolied brat nah that's not you
sweetie, then lead the life you want to lead. it's truly simple really. things add up just the way you want them to, and it's not even fate.
Live it the way it comes...
like geetanjali quoted the great thinker, i agree..."this too shall pass, this too". and it did.
Time to blog again...!!
@ geetanjali: I second the proposal!
And I third it! Hurry up and post, my dear!
Well I can stand in the line too eh! :-)

Sorry couldnt make it to the gala dinner.. will catch up sometime soon!

The post made me think...

Isn't it the same for each one of us? Well maybe not all but I'm sure I speak for some. Time and again we reach a point in our lives where we need to question ourselves, ask ourselves... what are we doing? Is this truly what I want? Nothing should be strung to one's decisions. But then again how many of our decisions are actually made like that. Something always holds us.. strings.. invisible ones.

What if money/fame/fortune/wealth/recognition was not an object? What will you do then?

They say one way to look at it is 'What would you want your tombstone to say?'

Well that's one way to look at it.

Hope you found your answers....

yes, yes, everyone.
am ginna post today.

saurabh - "what would you want your tombstone to say?" is so interesting. calls for a post in itself!
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