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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


yes, yes, now lets get over it

sheepish look, tail between legs, and i am back. yes, yes, you all knew i would and all that. so lets get that over with. no phal, you may not make wisecracks. or what the hell. go ahead. predictable, eh? kept composing posts in my head all these days. and it killed me. so i said, resolution 1 : fcuk resolutions!
goa over new years. nothing but sheer indulgence. spoilt me. goan lunches. english breakfasts, italiano dinners...the good life. lazy long brunches at cafe lila's (not to confuse with the fancy hotel) beautiful little place by the baga river creek. chicken pate', sour dough bread, smoked fish (sex is nothing compared to this kingfish...please trust me). smoothies and shakes, cheese and croissants. aaah. authentic goan food (but terrible terrible service) at martins in south goa. my goan friend j who was with us on the trip was on a 'goa pride' mode and wanted us to sample everything local...xacuti, local bread, fish preperations, the works. little snippets from him about old goa. st augutine's star which was a beautiful ruins. will post pics if my friend b ever gives em to me. swimming in the sea is so liberating! j and i went bonkers. spent a good amount of time with him for the first time. bonded like nobodies business. over common interests (to shallow to write about...haha). port wine, cashew feni with mirch and orange drink (vile), good old sula, breezers (pansy drink and all, but ok if its between sessions or real drinking) on the beach, beer by the gallon on the beach beds, fresh lime sodas for breakfast.
the most beautiful night was the night of 1st jan 2006. 6 bloody mary's (just for a frigging 100bucks each... i wana live on anjuna) and a peaceful beach. clear sky, stars, walking alone on the deserted beach, faintr music in the background, and those little fish which light my feet. it was lke walking under stars and on stars. have never ever been so happy. at peace. c'est la vie. it is!
went with a bunch of friends with whom i have developed over a short apell of time (a little over a year) a great comfort level. we were all just being our selves. priorities didnt clash. we all are gluttons (new year confessions and all). shopped some. got back guava cheese (divine) and coffee liquer and cherry brandy liquer (cant spell the word) and some flip flops. sand in my soul.
all in all a perfect trip. all i wanted and more (except for the shady club we partyed at which was more of a pick up joint for aging firangs and the fact that i didnt get laid...i tried and so hard...hehe). if you have noticed, the blog is getting more honest this year.
getting back to bombay was a rude shock, to say the least. wasnt prepared for the onslaught. need to go back.
new new year resolutions:
1. buy loads books, read them all
2. work very hard
3. travel as much as you can
4. be happy
currently listening to : kungfoo fighting, kama chamelion, beautiful boy.
telling myself: life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans

Hehehe... I want to say something on the lines of I-already-said-so, but instead I'll say something nice: good to have you back ;)
I have been a silent reader of this blog..and i am SO glad that you have decided to resume blogging!!

Keep those posts coming! Its always a pleasure to read them.

1. Welcome back!
2. you didnt describe your trip in so many words the oher night :-)

hmmm.. breezers, did u say?
no phal, don't sa it! don't say it! don't say it! Ah fuck it, Can't keep to myself, I TOLD YOU SO!!!! I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!


Lovelie, welcome, welcome back! muah muah and all that. This time Oporna can wear her Oscar De La Renta, considering that's the only other name she would know!!!


Oh, and you just resolved to fuck resolutions baby, all that bit about these are my new year resolutions doesn't count....


(I'm just glad you're back, I'm singing in my head "guess who's back, back again! d/d's back, tell a friend! gues who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back...*music*)
:-) and I hadn't even begun luring you back yet! Damn I had some ideas in my head abt that...some other fool then, who actually thinks s/he can survive sans blogging once you're into it! LOL! Welcome back baby - next time you decide to be upset with me, please don't take it out on Aristera says! Punish me, not everyone!
casablanca - great to be back!

medha - thank you. thank you.

saurabh - cheers! and you really need to put a new post.

closetalk - they were like a break. something non-alcoholic...

flysplat - muah muah and all that

geeta - aaawww!
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