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Monday, January 23, 2006


tombstone of aristera

while saurabh put this thought in my mind... i thought it might make an interesting post. what would one want one's tombstone to say. morbid thought? naah. narsississtic? perhaps. it made me think. i came up with cheesy one liners (yes, those of you who know me, stop sniggering!). i came up with caustic remarks (my forte)...and i said to myself, aristera, beta, not in death, no sarcasm please. the best i could come up with (albeit not-original, courtesy frank sinatra)...
(1981 - xxxx)
He Did It His Way

Not morbid, but yeah, a little weird ;)

But a good thought there, nonetheless.
....hmmm mine would read " He read"... or so i hope...
Not morbid, but definitely narcissistic yes ;-) Btw that sentence "aristera, beta, not in death..." I can almost hear Extempore say that in her typical '"bet tum pitoge" tone...

Shitty long, tiring day I had, after wonderfully girly PJ party last night with lotsa soul-sharing talks et al - just dying to hit the sack...
Ha Ha Ha!

Loved it... then again I can always find humour in satire.

Good one mate! Ill be there with purple and green flowers (red and white are just too somber :-)).

Do invite me for your funeral eh!

I'm off to goa for the next few days. Driving down. So looking forward to the fresh air and beaches...

See you monday then!
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I tried bloody hard to get a latin translation, though Greek maybe more apt for you! And since I failed, I am going to post this in English anyway!

He came, he ate, he decorated and he drank some wine!

Trust me, much cooler in Latin! :-)
@Geets: ROFL - my typical tone of voice, eh? :-)
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