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Friday, January 13, 2006


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Planning to have some friends over tomorrow evening. Some close friends. Some who may become close friends. Food and drinks. And conversations. Have discovered that I love entertaining. Absolutely. Luckily the blues have gone away. No complains about living by myself. No issues about being single. Working sensibly, if not hard. Am on a high as far as teaching is concerned. Had a good class today. The new batch this semester is very good. Very curious and very cocksure. Love teaching them. They harrow me with their doubts. Especially this one gurl M. it’s the prefinal semester for them, andi decided to remodel the program completely. Retail design. Showing them ‘breakfast at tiffany’s’. doing lotsa case studies. M suddenly asks me these questions that just kill me. Reminds me of me in college. ‘so is this deconstruction?’ . I just smile. Sigh. Then go on to explain. ‘so is minimalism so facile?’ or ‘who fathered the modernist movement, Mies Van Der Rohe?’. I sigh again. Start explaining the sociological framework post-world-war. Give her a reading list to solve her doubts. It is as stimulating for me as it is for her. We dissect Ayn Rand’s writings. She thinks the world of her ‘Fountainhead’. We fight over it. I tell her to give it five years. She humours me and smiles. We move on to next weeks assignments.

An observation, if I may. Somethings which are considered cool to dismiss :
1. Indian writing in English
2. derrida
3. marquez
4. booker prize winners
5. siddharth dhanvant sanghvi
6. arundhati roy
7. rushdie and naipaul
8. contemporary Indian art
9. hussain
10. indian art house cinema

I love entertaining too! Lunches, dinners, parties... the works!

And why is Rushdie cool to dismiss?
Btw, I'm reading Satanic Verses right now... not an easy read. But smuggled it in from US.
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i love the soiree at ur house.even thou u had a sob story of ur own u threw a nice party. never ever have i lol so hard the entire night all the while trying hard not to let the beer go to my wind pipe and then let it come down from nose.never ever i have finished my drink so fast only cz some shirin says finish this now only then u get the wine.
Flashing sad little smile - someday someday I too shall be a part of this bonhomie you describe so often and enjoy it. Someday.
casa - ofcourse its cool to dismiss rushdie. theres even a club called rushdie50. people who couldnt get past 50 pages of any of his books.

aparna - encore soon.

geetanjali - someday gurl, someday.
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