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Sunday, January 15, 2006


15 Park Avenue

One of those films which are not bad, but could have and should have been so much more. Aparna Sen, goddess of cinema for me, fell from grace. A great concept gone off the mark. A wooden ugly rahul bose, a cocksure and diva-like shabana( playing herself in arty clothes), a simple yet convincing waheeda rehman, brilliant shefalie chhaya. Konkona was ofcourse very good, but in an author backed role of this kind, you cant go wrong. It is one of those films which a mother would make for her daughter to get the National Award as a birthday present. Technically no great guns, bad dialogues, forced acting. This could not have come from the same woman who gave us masterpieces like 36 chowringee lane and yugant. No.
But in all fairness, the ending was made beautifully. I might over interpret it, but it challenges the sanity of the so called sane. And how we are all looking for that elusive something/someoneā€¦our very own 15 park avenue?

I've read about this movie on so many blogs now! Must watch! Though I dont know how :(
honey, that last post, and the last bit on that post, just about killed me!!!! like totally killed me!!! oh and this post was nice too...
K i loved the movie. You know that dah-ling!! And yes i also loved Shabana in it. Thats from me
first antarmahal" with a bong twang" and then 15 park avenue .........aar ki bolbo. but u cud have written more nice things about shefali chhaya since she speaks with her expression
casa - please tell me which blogs have 15 PA posts. wana see what people think of the film.

phal - what do you want?

sex and the city - ofcourse you love shabana.

aparna - aar kichhu bolo na. dorjja bond koro.
hello k...bright early monday morning...rise and did your meeting with sita go?
This review was on Anthony's blog.
Then another one was this review, which I chanced upon through Desipundit.
There's more... but cant remember where all I read them...
sex and mumbai- lol it was sita but ms.seeks teeka
sex and mumbai- lol it was sita but ms.seeks teeka
i mean seeka
ummm i want lotsa things. are you buying them all? then i'll make a list.
u r just prejudiced about shabana - she was quite good in movie - and shefali yadav was awesome. thought the conversations were quite stilted and so unlike her other movies - anyway defi not spending a saturday late night.
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