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Monday, October 31, 2005


some of my stuff is with you

We met at the little bookstore around the corner. It was some months ago. October, perhaps. We went for a swim then. At the club. The water was bitterly cold. Odd for October. The chicken club sandwich was divine. So much mayonnaise. You spilled the tangy lemonade on my shorts. The car ran out of fuel. I walked to the crossing and fetched some. It could have rained. I took you home. It’s a very charming house, you said. I said that it was a bit small. But you have two bedrooms and a living room, you said. And a kitchen. A laundry room too! You live by yourself, you exclaimed. Why did I still find it so small? I just smiled then. But did not tell you- where do I fit in all those memories? Of those of pain and happiness. So much history. So much love. So much pain. So many touches. So many smells. So many sounds. Memories take up too much space- you know?

Sunday, October 30, 2005


a view of the inner chamber

rituporno's waterloo. the man finally fell from grace yesterday. i went with such great expectations. from the man who made shubho muhurat and uneese april... this? huh? baba, kee trash, kee drama, kee theatrics, kee playing to the firang festivals! not from ritudi, not this! a fantastic concept gone horribly wrong. facile. too much borrowed imagery from satyajit ray's devi. soha, god help the silly gurl. she is more shahid kapoor co-star material. and jackie shroff, please shoot him. he ruined devdas, and now this. baba, kee ham! abhishek is wasted as the bihari sculptor. miniscule role. not done, ritudi. but the high light of the film, inarguably, is rupa ganguly. sheer brilliance. such versitile excellence. bheeshon bheeson bhalo.

will watch uneese april on vcd today!

one good thing that came out of this movie... i got my bong synonyms for destiny... besides bhaggo, kopal, niyoti and my favorite borat! i was trying to recall this coloquil word for a year now.
life comes a full circle. antarmahal.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


yes, yes some more of deca....

vie lounge, the deck by the sea.
jalepeno cheese.
bohemia... the trendiest club in the city.
awful music- hip hop. beer.
i am 24.
i was the second oldest guy in the bar.
i swore i would drink less. party lesser.
hari kunzroo is so shobha de.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


some things have no titles

The sublime beauty of
a frangipanni flower.
The crisp linen sheets.
The taste of dark chocolate.
The touch of a buttery finger,
running along a bare back.
The bite of joy.
The colour burnt orange.
The spine of a well worn book.
The citrus of a lemon tree.
I smell crushed coffee.
Come now, its dusk.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


aabar decadence

oh, aabar, as in bengali...since we are talking of decadence...bengali it had to touche.

Chanced upon a signed copy of siddharth dhanvant sanghvi’s novel, last song of dusk. Had been debating if I shoud buy it, for the longest time. But the signed copy helped me make up my mind.
Had actually gone to buy seth’s two lives. But the hardback was slightly expensive…695…thought I could wait a wee bit for the paper back. Else I will just go n indulge. Lets see. May be its my diwali present. Besides a new fone (which has no features, less talk time battery- but looks sexual), clothes (but thts because I don’t have any)

Last night geetanjali and I had a nice dinner. Lasagne and salad. Yes, men have salads! Rum chocolates. Nice. Saw raincoat. Ppignant to the core. Love the film. Wish it didn’t hv aishwaria though. Thankfully rituporno’s next- antarmahal- doesn’t star her. It’s a soha-abhishk starrer.

Tonite is chinese food time. Am such a sucker for chinese. Geetanjali and aparajita are going to stay over. Will open a bottle of wine. Can open the jar of olivesi picked up. Hehe, so will just look at it. Don’t have a corkscrew either! So mite land up looking at tht too. Hahaha!

and then today...such decadence....

breakfast at basilico.
hilton oberoi.
jehangir, chemould, museum.
oxford book store.
rhythm house.
lunch at out of the blue.
got a tattoo....

Monday, October 24, 2005


decadence and some

rituporno's raincoat.
the club at taj.
dal makhani.
siddharth dhanvant sanghavi.
seth's two lives.
bhuppen's print.
the lotus works.
the fonts and typography.
rum and coke.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


of decadence

its all over.
everything is decadent.
oscar wilde.
bacardi and cokes.
burnt my hand...someone's cigarette at insomnia.
framed my bhupen print.
had dal makhani for lunch (ready to eat). rich.
jazz on my mind.
audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's.
want to eat biryani.
no more rum though.
decadence all the way.
i say hey! whats going on?!!


of decadence

everywhere i look. i see decadence.
my work.
the drinks.

i sing with the 4 non blondes - "...say hey, whats going on?!"
and with the beatles, i go "...while my guitar gently weeps"

Saturday, October 22, 2005


of footprints

i walked on the sand.
matched my steps over your footprints.
walked like this, a while.
then it rained.
it was all blurred.
blurred- obscure.
i walked on the sand,
but cudnt match my steps over your footprints.
there were no footprints, na?

Thursday, October 20, 2005


thousand desires such

thousand desires such,
to fulfill each,
i die...
thousand bills too!
cell fone, cable, internet, milk, domestic help, maintainance of society, laundry, food, commute, groceries, other supplies, medicines, ......
i die.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


cable net! yippey!

at last!
i know there were so many complains bout my not blogging much these days.
well many reasons.
working like mad. mad. mad. 16 hours a day. minimum.
new place, no land line to dial up connect.
but i have cable net now.
its divine.
the speeeeeeeeed! wow!
have discovered hariku murakami.
such a refreshing change from other stuff one reads these days.
its such simple language.
no "play" of words.
no magic realism.
no artifice.
anybody read vikram seth's new?
the times of india had a very nice review.
unbiased. sensible.


cable net! yippey!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


of solitude

the fine line between
solitude and loneliness!
so very fine.
i tread so carefully.
one slip and boom!
but i enjoy solitude.
my books.
my coffees.
my art.

Monday, October 10, 2005


so lonely! living on my own!

ah sing the title along!
moved into my own place (albeit rented)...
feel liberated!
but its so easy to turn a bit uncivilized... if you have no one looking...
have to keep reminding myself to shut the bedroom door while changing and so on....
but its good to be prepared to live by myself in the future too.
i make coffee and sanwiches. havent started full fledged cooking yet!
no wait! yesterday i made popcorn!
bake beans for dinner tonite!
all i need is cable net to go online.
moving into this place...feels like life's come a full circle. again.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Urban Folklore

There was no water in the tap. Baby Krishna opened his eyes. He wept. Wept non-stop for two days. Flood. The city came to a stand still. The asuras refused to clean the decay. Krishna ventures out. Picks up pali hill with his little finger. Ah! Fabindia will be safe now. Thank God!


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