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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


and the catharsis begins!

It was bound to happen. The number of bloggers I know. I knew I would get onto this megalomania (read: blogging) some day. I always thought I had nothing to say to anyone. But suddenly I feel verbose. There is a need to put things down. Points of view- concepts- ideas- takes- theories (for whatever little they are worth). This could be my space to clear my head. My catharsis (I have a love-hate relationship with that word). A space I enter, vent-out, justify in, explain, indulge and some such. The people I know may read this. It is inconsequential what they think (all of them). This is one space I have created that is for me- solely. I will try and avoid using this blog as a weapon/ tool to tackle people who I know would be reading this. Unlike the concept of aesthetics in India, where the viewer (rasika) is essential to complete the aesthetic experience, the neo virtual space is independent of readers. I think I feel like eating some aftereight chocolates.


and then it might work

i have no idea if this will work. i feel that about a lot of things these days. but then thats me. lets see if this post does go online. somethings dont work. but then some do. my first blogpost. should work.


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