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Thursday, December 01, 2005


The week that was

Went for dinner at lemon grass (still my favorite) with a dear friend. They have painted off the nice blue wall into a harmless white. It was much nicer before. But the food is as good. Simply loooove the place. We talked a lot. About all sorts of things. Work. Life. Love (or the absence of it). Family. Its amazing how much fun it was. Catharsis, perhaps. Enjoyed myself immensely.
These days I brood over the fact that I am self employes and work from home. Today, met up my bumchum for lunch at jaihind (awesome food but they have made the place all swanky…was nicer in its dowdy avtaar). Then we went to his office bldg restaurant. The place was packed with so much energy. All these 20 somethings to 30 somethings. I miss that kind of action. Too much decision making, too much of responsibility, cant call in sick to myself. Blahblahblah. But I also know that I will never be able to work under someone again. The independence, creative satisfaction and sheer level of power and resposibility can give you a high too. Too much happening too fast though. The socialist in me cringes.
Have patched up with the bumchum who I had blatantly pelted with abuse in the previous posts. Thank god, didn’t want to lose this friend.
A few weeks back patched up with anorther very old friend. Soulmate rather. When we talk, there is no guard. Its so much of comfort to be able to talk this way to someone.

A list of people who I depend upon immensely now (in no particular order):

1. the french geebaby.
2. my old school pal, my sole link to the other (wink) world.
3. the buddy with whom I do a lot of gupshup
4. my megalomaniac, life is never boring with him
5. my soulmate
6. my mad cousin

currently reading :
1. Because I Have a Voice, queer politics in india.
Review: very interesting, an eye opener.

2. Lifting the Veil, Ismat Chugatai
Review: nice, avant garde, but the english translation leaves lots to be desired.

reminds me of the no. of ppl i have to get back in touch with!
"my megalomaniac, life is never boring with him"- awwwwwwww
good to know the reunion wit bumchum went well.

...grin stretching from ear to ear right now!

Good to read thee patched up - me thinks me too, shall catch that Bangali babu and generally have some good old times type of fun with him...put my stupid fears at rest...
Those look like interesting books! I'm envious!
A list of people who I depend upon immensely now

I like the honesty there...
nice. now tell who is megalomaniac.
aawwwww, shucks.
*big hug*
awwwww buddy the feelings mutual
too many awwwws happening here. help!
I dint awwwww - I just grinned in supreme satisfaction. Little did I know I'd burn with jealosy a day later ;-)
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