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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Parochial outlook and food

Artist is the angel of surplus. Tagore and his aesthetics. The genius shrouded in unwanted reverence by the middle class bengali (a dangerous breed in itself). Take away the unwanted cult-like reverence and you have one of the greatest thinkers of the century. Tagore and gandhi. Gurudev and the mahatma. While the latter was more austere and almost anti-aesthetic, gurudev was more rich in his aesthetic thought. The feminists would hold a lot against him, what with his regressive “gruhalaxmis” and the petite-dainty female depictions, his womanising way. But all said and done, deconstructing tagore yeilds a lot. His short stories, take on society, his writings on art and beauty and especially his view on the ‘civilization project’ ( I abhor the term, I swear).

As for phal’s tag (no one ever defies her, ever)… the 10 best foods and places to find them… here goes…

1.indonesian satay at lemon grass. Its an all time favorite restaurant.

2.tandoori pomfret at gazalee, this down market location and bad ambience is shrouded in the divine food and spicy sol kadi.

3. aloo poshto and fish fry at o calcutta. I swear I could die.

4. lemon souffle at arthurs theme in poona. Feather light. Subtle. Heaven.

5. pizzas and honey chicken made by my old friend arghya, who is across a sea now. Yumm!

6. lemon chicken at ‘china town’, ashram road in ahmedabad.

7. parathas and chutneys at parathey wali galli. Purani dilli, chandni chowk. Hai!

8. anjeers in winter. Its pure sex. Trust me.

9. pethas from mathura (the agra ones are gross and sickeningly sweet). But these are sublime. How could man make something so fruit like and so juicy?

10. roadside chicken shawarma. Lebenon you rock, country! Juicy raddishes and pickled veggies, cream, mayo, garlic and succulent chicken.

It's Gajalee (not Gazalee...don't let the Vile Parle East ghaat pronounciation throw you off..)

It's owned by good ol' Shetty folk.
sigh. i still have to write this tag. got hit by K. just sooooo... lazy. not very hungry either these days. :(
It is gaJalee. Viksty is right. Even in ghaat pronounciation key it becomes gaJalee.

And are you talking of dry anjeer? or anjeers like i was talking about? Whats the complete name of your friend arghya again?

and i forgot to add phirni...
Aloo poshto... we likey!
This tag is fun, but it did make me feel VERY hungry, given that I was doing it at 1 in the morning! Blame it on Bgfs :p
vikster - i dont know much about ghaati pronounciations... i leave it to um...ghaatis.

livinghigh - but you must do the tag, you know how we die to read every word you pen.

flysplat - ho bai, bara aahey...gaJaalee! i was talking bout fresh anjeers, arghya is arghya, ooooh phirni...awesome.

casablanca - am addicted to poppey seeds i think. and that too with aloo and that too being non-bong!
the reason why aloo posto is popular cz when ppl kow its poppy seeds they can brag abt it to others..u know i ate poppy seeds how cool am i!!
aparna - nonsense, nonsense!
YAY!!! Aloo posto is DA BEST!!

U aint bong eh?? or r u7??

And the road side stalls and dhabas in India..had those garam parathas with Dahi at one of the dhabas in Delhi...aaaah, heaven!!! I so could die for them!!

hmmmm.. interesting this food tag is. Maybe I'll do one soon enough.

So get a bunch together... let's revisit one of these places and meet up.
Aparna! nonsense indeedy! that's probably how you think. you know, bumps on body and dirty tissue make your brain slow kya?
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