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Saturday, December 10, 2005


New year resolutions

My last years sole resolution fell flat on its face (and how). I cant even manage one resolution? But then it wasn’t easy. Resolution to “be happy”. Muhahahaha. Like I love saying again and again…hazaaron khwaishey aise ke har khwaish pe dum nikley. But this year its gona be simpler.

Here’s my list:

1. go see ankorwat
2. buy a car
3. read books on my list of must reads
4. get my works published on cover page
5. learn to salsa
6. drive down somewhere far in the rains
7. have a threesome
8. go for the abida parween concert at humayun’s tomb
9. get rid of my cold
10. be happy

I think I should be able to manage a 9 on 10. what say?

i have my fingers crossed for ya, sweetheart! ;-)
I am visiting Angkor Wat sometime in March next year :)
Ahem - me thinks the one you have no chance of accomplishing is no.9 ;-)

Bonne chance mon cher - j'espere que tes reves deviennent une realite l'annee prochaine. Je t'embrasse...
I suppose architecture is the motivation to have ankor as the top most resolution.
can i join u for a) the abida conert and b) salsa classes
closetalk - merci beaucoup

casablanca - me too planning end feb or early march

geetanjali - i'd rather live with the cold and accomplish no.10

guppie - i suppose so too
you sure can join me for em both.
me want to learn salsa too..........
aparna - lets go and find out options. two to tanga na?
A'stera, I will find the cure for common cold, and I will make you accomplish 10/10!

Look how nice i'm being. hee hee. so so pompous. it's all so about me!!!!

You forgot find a soulmate. go find a soulmate. soulmate, soulmate, soulmate.
For a moment I thought you said you wanted a threesome with Abida Parveen.

She's man enough for all of us....
bluegreenfly - i have a soulmate, baby.

vikster - dil behlane ko khayaale ghalib achha hai.
eew. don't say that about abida. eeee.

and fine. so you have a soulmate. FINE.
Hey me also wants to learn to Salsa... but then it's not like you'd come down to Pune to learn...btw our 'common' friend was learning na? Uska kya hua?
Also - Ankorwat is having a French fest this mth...forgot to tell u earlier on phone. You must tell ur frnd to attend!
oye, i tagged you!
Sure 9 on 10 toh ekdum pakka! Which is the 10th one that you could miss?
fame junkie - to be happy
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