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Sunday, December 25, 2005


the last post

this is the last post. for many personals reasons. but it was great fun. will still go read other blogs and comment. but i wont write anymore. it is so much fun to read chamique, casablanca, accidental fame junkie, bluegreenflysplat, closetalk. but i dont want to write anymore. it is creating animosity and bitter feelings. wish it didnt, but then like i kept saying about wishes... hazaron khwaishey aise ke har khwaish pe dum nikle, bahut nikle mere armaan lekin phir bhi kam nikle...

maar daala!!!!!
echo CT. Much Love, and thanks. But I will miss you.

Effort: Animosity is relative. People should stop thinking things are about them all the time. non?
Ah but why do you care about other people's views. This is YOUR blog and you will say what you like. I dont see how people cant seem to get that. Would they be this bothered if you changed the name of the blog and identity and still wrote the same stuff.


(sorry, maybe I speak too much with little knowledge)
Nooooo! Fine. We'll let you go. Coz I have a small feeling that you'll be back. Will miss reading this blog.
write when u feel like - often in the last 3 weeks I have started to write but given up before posting - but just wrote today
Can we have one last post about just waht animosity and bitter feelings you're talking about?

I'm still trying to figue out just who/how you managed to piss someone off in this blog!
I'd have to second Vik's request...
all i want to say is welcome back .the blogwhore has been waiting for this moment.
How could things go so terribly wrong in the space of twelve hours?

All too often we come across situations where we find the attitude of our friends beyond comprehension and their actions hurtful.

I have found at such times it makes a lot of sense to just sit back and let time make the unpleasentness a distant memory.

Here's wishing you the best and hoping to see you re-start posting once the crisis is over.

what nonsense! absolute crap!!
havent read it for a while now..but was definetly not expecting this... it was funn yaa (very secretly ofcourse)..wat is all this tamaasha...i know u ve done this on purpose...juz to add that spice to ur blog n all...i can visualise that evil chuckle everytime u read these dramatic comments...get back to normal mode..asap...
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