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Sunday, December 18, 2005


kant and disinterest

finally have given up my last claim to self preservation. had always decided that i will never drink by myself, at home. ever. dont know why i bothered. buying myslef a big bottle of vodka. it doesnt matter. just had two large drinks. i dont care about anything anymore. itsdownright sick. how wrong could i have gone? just how wrong?

Can I please shake you till some sense returns to you? You're supposed to be the mature and wise one? And what are we behaving like, right now? *glaring*

Call PU dammit...don't drink alone. Please...I'm down on my knees, do this for me! Please!
Whats wrong with being at home and drinking alone? Nothing. I've done it.
what happened???????
seasonal blues got u isn't it ???????
take care.

Coffee with me and Guppie and this is what you do when you go home?

Tsk Tsk!

I knew I was a downer, but I didn't realize I was *this* effective!
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