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Sunday, December 25, 2005


joy to the world

am having a great weekend. the works. friends. bonhomie. food. everything. friday night i went out to an all time favorite hawwain shack, with the dj belting out the expected favorites. met a friend who is in town after a long time. had a blast. got sloshed. grooved away to 'losing my religion' and lotsa ABBA and madonna and sting and all the classic rock and pop of the 70's and 80's.
chritmas eve was even better. went for a very christmasy dinner with friends in bandra. decorations and everything. was happy the minute i sat down for the meal. and it got progressively better. christmasy food does that to you. punch, pumpkin and melon seeds soup, pretzels and melba, roast chicken in rosemary sauce, christmas pudding. oh, was so stuffed. and then to mount marry's church for mid night mass. the first time i ever went for one. the bandra mc's killed me. best suits and best dresses. soooo mc! garish but in the christmas spirit, it seemed fitting. sang carols. was dazed that my friends knew some of them by heart. then i realized that they had all gone to mc schools. st.cathedrals and the st.others. i just read from the booklets they gave us. i dont particularly like em mc schools. am glad i didnt go to one. hehe. lets go for a puja, people. and see me chant the mantra like a pundit. can do the havan too! hah!
just made myself some coffee now. its christmas. shooting mails to friends. going to meet my associate. will get good cake! am all merry. the good life. like aparna would have said "bhalo khaabar, bhalo wine, onek mauja tomar jeevanay".

awwwww merry christmas to you have definitely spent the xmas in its true sprit.good for you.maybe next xmas u'll be able to recite the carols by heart.
now is the season to be jolly fulalalalalalalalalala
mmm. well, i actually went to a missionary school, sweety, so i kinda know most of de carols too. ;-) when we grow old together, i'll do de carols and u can do de mantras.. deal?
Nothing about missionary schools. Shush!
being with all of u made it bearable nay enjoyable - else it would have been one more holiday
well au revoir mon ami
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