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Monday, December 19, 2005


chronicle of the death of a blog foretold

some blogs die suddenly. some are abandoned (the worst thing to do). so are euthanasiad (or whatever its conjugation in the past perfect tense is!), so die a slow death. this blog seems to be dying slowly. dont know why. blogs die too. this one is gonig to die soon.

He came to read

He came to read.
Two or three booksare open;
historians and poets.
But he only read for ten minutes,
and gave them up.
He is dozingon the sofa.
He is fully devoted to books -
-but he is twenty-three years old,
and he's very handsome;
and this afternoon love passed
through his ideal flesh, his lips.
Through his flesh which is full of beautythe heat of love passed;
without any silly shame
for the form of the enjoyment.....

Constantine P. Cavafy (1924)

Gita says "Karmanye vadika raste ma phaleshu kadachana", which means that one
should go on performing action without thinking about the result. keep writing whatever the fate of blogs would be !! :)
soon when?

do the food tag.
Nooooo... I like reading this blog!
Ah but I have just discovered this blog. Pray carry on, for this is indeed a very amusing blog.

You new to Bombay?
Another Cafavy fan??

We should start a fan club. He's my FAVOURITE poet ...ever.
Interesting poem...

I will be very unhappy if you euthanise the blog - give it time, thou shalt write prolifically again! Amen!

(Couldn't stop myself from chuckling at Saurabh's comment about you being new to Bbay. New indeed - wink!)

*hug* miss u baccha. Take care and see you soon huh?
arre ek hi to jagah thi jahan word identification nahi karna padhta tha..............
indian - hmmmm. lets say. samay will tell.

phal - dont know when. will do the food tag.

casablanca - you are just too sweet.

saurabh - not new to bby at all. what made you think so?

vikster - cavafy is my third favorite poet. after vikram and deepti naval.

geetanjali - one of my favorite paintings by bhupen is titled "You Cant Please All".

Aparna - there will be many such. some day you will find them...
I have to send you a copy of a conversation between Naushil Mehta and Bhupen Khakhar. Crazy shit.
flysplat - hehe. i know. but send it anyways
Cavafy eh? Probably one of the most brilliant voices of modern Greek poetry. Are you familiar with Odysseas Elitis as well?
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