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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


blackbird thunder and some

for some strange reason (and an ulterior motive) i went to prithvi theatre for this rehaan engineer directed play, "blackbird thunder". in one word, the play was -BEAUTIFUL. visually as well as content and perfomance. after over a year i saw a good play. very tech savvy for an indian production. brilliant choreography. ran into an aquantance and two friends. had irish coffee after the play, so prithvi. it was slightly nippy, i was happy. more than being happy fr it being a good play, i was happier that after a long time, the cynic in me was pushed behind and i actually liked as well as enjoyed something. no, its a new experience. my art critic friend said it was great but a little indulgent in parts. i agree but think its fine. the choreographer and one of the main performers was with us at the table...he agreed too. its evenings like this i think that make an otherwise bitch of a life worth it.

ok i heard some ppl say it didn't make sense to them and this one person ( a very prominent theatre personality)raved about it sooo much that now he wants to act with rehaan n how he has never seen such fantastic play ever since he has been to bombay.
you know who she's talking about im sure.

i don't love AK. i love Rehaan. Completely.
aparna - i dont think even i hae seen a play like this in a very long time.

fly - yes, i know she talks of the AK. but rehaan doesnt love you baby!
jeez. not like love love. dumkopf. and yeah its possibly indulgent. thats also very much him.
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