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Sunday, November 27, 2005


yahan vahan ki baatein

strange week. met so many friends. suffered severe creative blog. ate divine food at o calcutta. my new haunt. posto, bhaat, machher jhol, chicken cutlets, malai curry, radha bulabi, mishti doi. aye jeevan.
shopped for upholstry and stuff for my own house for a change. feels good.
walked out half way through harry potter. anorther decent book made terribly into a book. the only films that did justice to a book are "great expectation" (infact the book is lousy and the film fantabulous) and breakfast at tiffany's. i so hated the potter trash. first of all rowling is no blyton. these silly kids skip blyton. its sacrilege. i was brought up on a healthy dose of famous five and secret seven. potter is playing to the galleries. rowling is like a call center pleasing the consumerist kid. ughs. the dumbledore in the fil was bad. padma and parvati as token indians were daft and sirius was barely there. harry played by dimwit cant act.
aparna sens '15 park avenue' releases on the 2nd of dec. hope i can catch first day first show.
am addicted to sex and the city.
want to read ismat chugtai in hindi (since urdu i ccant). the english translations are a tad insipid.
want to read zadie smith.
want to read two lives.
want the new madonna album.
want to buy a car.
want to fall in ghalib's famous nazm goes.....bahut nikle mere armaan lekin phir bhi kam nikle. is the nicest blog i have come across. ever.


- Let's form a "I love Enid Blyton and not Harry Potter" club ;-)

- Silly kids - *nods head vigorously* But also dangerously sharp and over-mature too freaking young!

- Me also wants to see Sen's new film. Hope I don't have to go alone :-(

- Chugtai in Hindi uh? All the best! :-)

- Me also wants Madonna's new album. You buy for a change and burn me a copy :-D Btw listening to it right now on World Space radio. They play awesome music...

- Chamique's blog is excellent. As we agreed, intelligent, sincere, sensitive. So link her?
- As for Love? I'm havig my doubts as to whether it's worth it...
Ah, if you like 'Sex and the City', I think you will enjoy Desperate Housewives as well.

Ghalib's poetry... ah, I love it in Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi.
geetanjali - i will not edit. its not getting published. and this is how i write.
lets form the club.
dumb kids.
its ok to see films alone.
i wont buy the cd. i m cheap.
dont know how to link her.
love? its worth it!

casablanca - go check out his nazms on the net. google. awesome poetry!
LOL at the response to editing ;-)
You link her like you linked me and LivingHigh - template, scroll down, links, copy-paste the code and replce our blog address with hers! Simple na? Go for it!
Btw today thou and Pu-pu were sorely missed as I battled tears, depression and the urge to run away to Bbay...
come to bbay geets. its divine to give in to urges sometimes.
pu-pu???????someone's pet name i assume
hellow you!!!

i felled in love!!!

i like harry P, but i love LOTR more.

Only a moron would hate Great Expectations as a book.

Please take me to O Cal.
oh, and to link her, under where you put the code for gee and LH, just type the same code and put her URL instead. just press enter right after LH, use the br tab and copy paste the code. ok?

i'm a nerd i swear.
aparna - yes, pu pu is our old friend aparajita, who mover from aparajita to appu to poo to pupu.

splat - then i be the moron.
i am no nerd. will not learn how to do it. and lets u, blogwhore, livinghigh and me, all go to o cal!
i was reading this post again and i realised that you use the word "token" a lot while talking.
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