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Saturday, November 26, 2005


time to write anorther 55 word story

salted plain

He was 11 years old.
crossing the road.
on the divider.
he tripped over an empty bag of chips.
fell flat on his face.
a truck ran over the 11 year old.
there was blood all over.
the bag of chips was filled with blood.
i still hadnt finished the chips when i had casually thrown it there.

don't understand these deep sub text loaded writing. or is it just plain drivel ?
reminds me of how my old school pal died. a best bus ran over him.i heard about his death when i was about to give my exam.i cried during those 2 hrs.
geetanjali - ummm no yummm. the salted plain crispy chips.

guppie - plain drivel obviously, for deep subtext, i can put you onto some other blogs. let me know.

aparna - went to o calcutta the same day that you had posto and gorom bhaat.
But good ;)
A 55-word Stephen King take off? Wow.
casablanca - thank you tank you.

fame junkie - is that a compliment by any chance? (personally i hate stephen king)
Yes, Aristera. It's meant as a compliment!
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