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Monday, November 07, 2005


Rituals and Measure for Measure

The last few weeks I have browsed a lot of blogs which have their bloggers turning their nose up at rituals. Could name atleast 5 blogs which talk about it. For me, its pure symbolism. These nuances which make life so much more interesting. The sublime connotations of inviting the goddess of wealth (yes, we hindoos are metaphysical and materialistic at the same time. It’s the duality which makes us so unique…if billions can be unique, that is). The marigolds. Lighting the diyas as an act of warding off evil, inviting the good. Crushing the bitter fruit (only my granny knew what its called) with the foot to symbolise ravana’s or nakara’s evil head! There such a story behind everything. And we look elsewhere for our fables. Ridiculous! No harry potter gives you this interaction story montage. Participatory story telling at its best. So all you cynics…go burn up on dussera! Muhahahaha.

Measure for Measure

A la shakespeare. NCPA is one of the most beatiful modern buildings in bombay. So it was a perfect setting for a large production- complicite- to perform at. Nariman point. The queens necklace. Cuffe parade and walkeshwar. Bombay, I frigging love you. The entrance foyer is awesome. Sattvario floors, chndeliers, marble busts, winding staircases and heavy balustrades, the wall to wall carpeting. The fancy crowd. One of the best I have seen in the city. A refreshing change from the suburban television stars (ughs!). the lokhandwala-punjabi-dumb variety is what I am sick of. Ban the television or shoot that ekta.

The play per say was ok. The production design was brilliant (understatement). Lighting and audio video projection was fantabulously awesome. The humour was too british to be appreciated. Ran into half my aesthetics class there (ok, not half but 5 classmates), an ex-colleague, 2 other friends…went with a friend who is a theater aficionado of sorts. Spotted habib tanvir (who my friend insisted on addressing as habib saab). But I have no comments on that. The friend is from delhi. Actively invovled (was) in the theatre scene, performed on the same stage as konkona sensharma! Wow! We went to mondy’s (Mondegar for the unsuspecting) for dinner afterwards. Beer, peanuts, egg curry and rice. The good life!

But I felt a little cheated With the play. It wasn’t very prithvi. The setting was too grandiose and glitzy and big. It lacked the small intimacy of prithvi theatre and what it stands for. I still prefer my plays at prithvi, the small productions, high on script and acting. Low on production value. The irish coffee, the yummy hot samosas, the chicken junglee sandwiches (I hv no idea why its called junglee).

Am dying to get a copy of ismat chugtai’s works. Want to read lihaaf and tehri lakeer. Currently reading non-fiction by umberto eco. Still hung over from ‘last song of dusk’. Ouch.

i did not like the blue walls. the chandelier was gorgeous.
dont ban tv . dont care wat u do to ekta.chicken junglee sandwhich????????????is it one of those things on menu ( only at roadside reataurants)that go like chiken 64?????

I love rituals. And I think I'm not one of those 5 blogs u mention seeing as I waxed lyrical about how much fun I had doing the Diwali thing.

Then again, if you don't understand WHAT the rituals symbolize, it makes no sense to do them/follow them anyway!

So we're all right.

I can't seem to find Measure for Measure tickets. Perhaps I'm not Page 3 enough.

(PS. The bitter fruit is Naraka's head)
oops. i left de queens necklace comment in de earlier post.
aparna - the day i buy my house, i am gona get a chandelier like tht one. its so decadent!

vikster - Page3... whats that (innocently)?

closetalk - huh?
sweetie, habib sa'ab is always habib sa'ab. simply because he does not answer to any other name.

Also, it's per se, not per say.

Also, this play is at prithvi. go watch it there. it won't have all the slickness. it will be, as someone said, bnulb on karo, line bolo aur jaao.

Btw, who shared a stage with Konkana?

phal - you know sooo much (wink)

per se? i hv little time or regard for spellings re.

my friend kapil who i was with shared stage with her.
Liked your take on Diwali and rituals... what are festivals without them? :)
Hi Aristera, You have seen Complicite!!!! That's great! And I agree "Shoot that Ekta!" should be made into a slogan for a new anti-brainless TV movement! What do you say?

PS: You have been tagged! (The Sevent Things tag) Amar blog check koro. :)
casablanca - you bet!

accidental fame junkie - tumaar blog dekhbo!
Yoohoo! Felt the same about the play. Much ado bout nothing, except for the brilliant stage, sound and video techniques.
Went on the 4th. When did you go? Konkona Sensharma passed us, she looked rather irritated.
Yes, Prithivi is Prithvi. Nothing beats it.
madusa - i went to NCPA on sunday.
i wish i had seen konkona, albeit irritated.
I met Konkana that day... for 36 ghante... she was wearing a crazy wig, in a play done a la 8 1/2...
bluegreenflysplat - lucky lucky you
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