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Thursday, November 10, 2005


one tenth hopefully...

been sleeping at the hospital for the last two nights. taking care of my granny. havent slept much... but thats fine. doing it out of complete choice. dont want anyone else to do it. what hits me hard is that everytime she tosses or turn and i get up to check her (i am a very very light sleeper), she worries about me! asks me to not get up, catch up on my sleep lest i wont make it to work the next day, will be tired, if i need an extra pillow, if i want a coffee. i just hope that someday, at her age perhaps, i am one tenth as giving, one tenth as magnanimous and one tenth as large hearted.

Awwwwwww! Aristera....that's a noble thought!
Life goes a full circle, doesnt it?
Parenting the parents...
You will baccha you will - remember you have her blood in you.
Take care - of her and yourself!

PS Sorry I've been ignoring the blog so many know why...
how old is ur granny?????hope she gets well soon.which hospital is she in??
hey baboo, take care, and hope your granny gets well too! I really hope she gets well soon. What hosp is she in? Do you want me to come?
i feel like hugging u.;-)
i will.. tomorrow.
grandmas rule! i miss mine so badly
accidental fame junkie- hehe. dont know if its noble.

casablanca- cudnt hv put it more accurately.

geetanjali - hug

aparna - she is early seventies. i think 72. she's much better now, tho. shes in nanavati.

bluegreenflysplat- thanks, but who is this?

closetalk- thanks

brood mode - absolutely
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