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Sunday, November 06, 2005


Last song of dusk

Its been a while since I read a book that made me so sad. Siddharth dhanvant sanghvi is bloody good. Critics say its too lyrical. Nonsense. Its liquid. Its so melancholic that it makes you smile. The magic realism is very marquez-like. But the context is so rooted. The characters are quirky and eccentric. Set in bombay of the 1920’s, this charming novel is sheer poetry. Like one critic on the back cover is quoted- kundera has a tropical heir.

sacrilege, u mention 2 of my fav authors (Marquez & Kundera) in the same breath as Sanghvi !!! ewwhhh !
When do I get it?

PS Actually it does seem odd to compare a one book wonder to Marquez and Kundera - the heir has some more proving to do n'est ce pas?
oh both those i like. sanghvi also i shall try. sometime.

oh both those i like. sanghvi also i shall try. sometime.

guppie - they are both my favorite authors too. but sanghvi is BLODDY good. though i think you might not like him.

geetanjali - odd yes, untrue, no. isnt arundhati a one book wonder too? whats wrong with that.

phal - try sanghvi!
Is 'Last song of the Dusk' the book title?
Rohan Kumar- 'The Last Song of Dusk' is the name of the book.
hehehe.. de Queen's Necklace, eh? ok.. i'm being mean now. am sure it was a fun night. ;-)
read part of the book - couldn't handle it. I suppose thats me - prefer Amitav Ghosh to Amit Chaudhuri any day.
guppie - i told you that you wont like it. and i belong to a rare breed of philistines who cant stand amitav ghosh one bit.
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