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Thursday, November 24, 2005


fcuk you megalomaniac

i was tired. very low. made the mistake of calling a 'friend' up. a friend who is so self centered its not funny. insensitive. yes, i go way out and pull his leg. but never when he is low. and i essentially listen when he talks. but tonite, it just hit me hard. its always "oh i did this, i met so and so, this person said i am good, oh people love my style of writing, oh i get so many comments on my blog, oh i look so good, oh i know so much, oh i have a great life, oh me, oh i , oh myself". sometimes you dont need to hear this. sometimes you need to talk. and the person concerned is not to comment to this post. at all.

Ouch... not quite a 'friend' then, is he.
Commenting so people know it's not me.
and the person concerned is not to comment to this post. at all.

Clearly it does not seem like he is "concerned" at all :). More seriously it seems you are going through a low phase so I guess I should ask have you tried the usual stuff to make it better? (ie hot baths, chocolate, jogs, coming up with bad puns (like the one above)). Fill your day with something. Remember its easy to feel low and that it wont go without an effort from you! There is my 2 bits of unsought advice. Get better soon....
i think he'll lay low for quite sometime now.
oh god. i go out of the country for a week, and this is what happens? squibbling lilke children!!!!

no chance of seeing paki art as such, but much high on theatre and music. also picked up some madly painted truck art thingies. and one seriously hot, seriously rich man. yummmm.
And may I ask why you didn't call me? Last I checked I wasnt a megalomaniac!
just had gorom bhaat aar aalu posto for dinner . i was thinking of you.
kids will u grow up and not fight with each other every other week.
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