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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


diwali diwali

had a great long holiday. lots of food. mithai. diyas. mariglods. went to jazz for a kareoke night and sang on the eve of diwali. the songs were to bring in diwali. the vodka tonics helped. sang pretty woman. hahaha.
but had a great time. great. diwali day was more food. sleep. went to olive for drinks and dinner. wanted to do something glitzy and nice. indulge. did just that. then out of the blue. played cards all night and won some money. all that i blew up on the drinks. hehe. great diwali.
new year was more sober. slept all day. met relatives. cooked dinner. pasta. nice. diyas. dishes. haha.

Sounds like a good holiday to me!


Happy Diwali.
good gawd! u sound positively on drugs! ;-) what's with all de 'haha's????
i like all the haha's... someone had phun!!!
ohhh that was me, Phal..
august- it was awesome!

closetalk- i am high! happily so.

geetanjali- articulate, arent we?

phal- haha!
how much money did u win????????/wat a great way to usher the new year
aparna- haha, trust you to ask such a question. 860 rupees.
Just as articulate as you mon cher
*smiles cheekily*
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