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Monday, November 21, 2005


beta sweater pehno

my friend guppie explained to me..." humanbeings are designed for a lot of things. loneliness is not one of them". so so true. its been a long time. love lost. yes, it happens. we all have our 'why-me?' phase. then it sinks into the background. i feel old. its november. its cold already. i know everyone else will beg to differ. but it really is cold. go out late in the night. on an empty road. leading to nowhere. and you will no.

Yes yes it is cold! My fingers are perpetually icy these days. The bloody cold aint helping the insides to thaw out :-(
It was freaking 9 degress in Pune last week - and Pune's colder than Khandala..and my gaon is 2 degrees colder than Pune!
As for the loneliness - good to know I have company. Am turning into a sadistic bitch these days...
its much colder here in bombay.
No man is an island is what they say. Guess that is why we are not built for loneliness.
Well, if it helps....tropical Chennai is cold thanks to the depression in the bay! About the cold inside, well hon, you need thaw that out yourself with maybe some close buddies* and a little bit of hot chocolate. Trust me everything feels better after hot chocolate!

*If none are available, count on your blog buddies!
i agree geets much colder in mumbai.i hope you gets ur spirits high cz soon it'll time for XMas.
i love ur blog u know why???????cz it does'nt force me to do the stupid word identification ritual ( which happens in geet's blog,living high's blog too,akshay's blog n many more places)only then can i post a comment
borrowed the line from desperate housewives.
LOL guys its nt 9 degrees in me freaking Keshavnagar is COLD!!!!

And Aparna - one has to do something to deal with spam na? As it is these days we have perverts running ard that we can't do much abt...atleast we can prevent unnecc spam na?
august - islands are accessible these days...

acidental fame junkie - lemme try the hot chocolate tonite. thanks!

aparna - and i got all happy that you like my blog for slightly more meaningful reasons. sniff.

guppie - you are so high brow!

geetanjali - just bought a benetton jacket. you do that too. it does wonders.
Oh my god, that was from last week's Desperate Housewives ending, and I liked it so much, that I wrote down the line, hoping to use it sometime on my blog :)
u bought benetton jacket( baade logo ki baadi pasand) while i unearthed an old poncho knitted by my grand-mum from my trunk.
Hehe my H&M & Monte Carlo sweaters is warm enough honey...though I am dying to buy this super sexy suede jacket I saw on MG road - knee-lth thingie. Was abso drooling when I saw it - only where to wear it? Sigh...some day!
casablanca - is the show worth watching?

aparna - you snob! trying to be all hep with unearthing old ponchos knitted by grandma from your 'trunk', how decadent!

geetanjali - go buy it. it will make you happy.
Ah well... I used to think its a show about 4 desperate bimbos, but it actually is quite realistic. Or maybe I've just got sucked into the conniving plots and sub-plots :D
yes, well, brrrrrrrr..!
desperate housewife are ya?
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