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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The Art of Self Destruction

one of my favorite poems. i hope i am not violating much of copyright law by putting it up on the blog. ...

The Art of Self-Destruction

the art of self-destruction
no one does it better
i have mastered the cradft with great skill
a craft not easy to master, mind you!

working each stitch carefully into another
i knit a brilliant pattern together

and once it is there
this enviable piece of work
i pick at one loose end
and my creation threaten to fall apart

amused and intrigued, i start pulling at it
and watch how stitch by flimsy stitch
the unstringing begins...

i smile to myself, and keep going further

how effortlessly the links come apart
with what ease the pattern disintegrates

this fragility offends me
alarmed, yet curious to see
how far i can destroy it, i go on and on
until the whole thing falls into a
disassembled heap!

elated, i sit again
amidst the debris of anorther relationship

-Deepti Naval

(i post this poem as it describes my current frame of mind, so perfectly!)


Nice, other than that. I haven't ever read her before... mera education ho raha hai...
neelee haree makhhi splat - humare saath rahogee to bahut seekhne ko milega!
You don't violate copyright issues with just this much material, sp since it's duly acknowledged et all...infact there's a blog I browse where this babe ONYL posts stuff she reads and likes...poems/quotes etc. Check it out sometimes...Far from perfect.

However I think Deepti will object to the typos ;-)

I like the poem but dont think its applicable to don't screw up relships, its ur commitment phobic partners!
I didnt know she does poetry as well....
geetanjali - typos?

casablanca - she writes poetry, is a qualified artist, she paints, shes a photographer, trekker, interior design.....
aristera ji, hame aapki shishya hi samajh leejiye...

PS. Met someone at Paramjit Singh's opening. Guess.

bluegreenflysplat - jogenda?
"i have mastered the cradft with great skill"

See the typo now?

(hands over magnifying glass)
or alternately u could do worse like me and not enter into one because you are afraid it will unravel.
i wish. by the way i met someone else, who chootfully claims "jogen's a good artist, sure, but his name means nothing"

much ire happenning.
Consider this, puzzles need to fall to pieces before each piece falls in its place, same could be true for lives, just so long as you are enjoying the game and finding it intellectually stimulating :)!

guppie - i dont know if that is worse.

bluegreenfly - all these are a vain lot. but call me when u free and tell me who this bastard was.

adagio for strings - and what happens when you dont enjoy the game anymore?
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