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Friday, November 11, 2005


accidental fame junkie tagged me!

the seven thingy tag...

Seven things that I plan to do:

buy a mercedes for my 30th birthday
have a threesome
Travel around the world
read ‘a suitable boy’
buy a bhupen khakar and a jogen chowdhury
learn to drive
retire soon

Seven things that I can do:

Make pasta
learn to drive
be very rude
drink away the blues
get soaked in the rain
pretend to be highbrow and hep and intellectual

Seven things I can’t:

accept myself the way I am
save money
read as much as I would like to
make myself read rushdie
understand ritwik ghatak films
tolerate lack of professionalism
stand commitment phobia

Seven things I say most often:


Seven things I love unconditionally (I added this, not part of tag):

1. bombay
2. bombay rains
3. art
4. vikram seth’s works and jogen chowdhury's works
5. lemon grass ( the restaurant)
6. my tattoo
7. paychecks

finally i m in time to comment
n the first one!!
i share tacky too..
btw how cum theres no mention of changing the adams(yaya... in the cant do list)
n ive still to have the pasta
n about the previous blog.....vv imp..
dont ever be like this
its freaky
ur nice the way u r
all rude n all
dont give me culture shocks please
now we r going to pretend u never u wrote that.. or atleast i never read that...phew..
it ws all spooky n all
never do that again to me
k now i better shutup or else this mite just not qualify to be a comment.. so bye
never do that to me again
just saw how tacky that sounded
you like jogen? i love the detailing... but not all of it... beech beech mein bore hota hai...

you should come to office.i've just received a catalogue of a show called masters. all the baap log who live are in it. including jogen... (there's jehangir sabawala also, but we'll let that be)
tacky - who are you? i love you.

bluegreenflysplat - like jogen? i love jogen. all his works. am going for the sabavala retrospective today.
like the ambition & the arrogance.
oh tell me how it is. Bose's exhibition happens on 14th. Kaam it's called. I'm going, just before Joseph Nadj. You wana come?

By the way, my latest crush is Akhileshwar (retrospective on in Tao) and Broota, who I'm simply in love with...
btw, I do hope you know this is Phal...
Paychecks... Ah! Wish they came more frequently than just once a month!
best of luck readin SUITABLE BOY.and how come seven things you say most often did not include any bong word???????????
guppie - thats me

bluegreenflysplat - am also planning on going to bose's show. chalo lets go saath mein only.

casablanca - you bet!

aparna - what is "baba" if not bong. and i still hvnt used borat much. its a new discovery.
I'd be sulking in a corner if I hadn't consoled myself that when you say 7 things you love unconditionally means 7 "THINGS"

Hehehe jk...knew all of I get a prize?

I think I might do this it is.
Btw even I've never had the damn pasta or the german potato salad you keep boasting about :-/
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Docs Dope - Dint you learn along that trip you took where you did 'everything' that you shouldn't poke your nose where it isnt needed? Try reading that comment again and see if it means something 'other' than what you perceived without using an iota of any grey cells you might have.
Gee, dont bother with this Docs Dope... he's leaving similar nonsensical comments on all our blogs. Totally irritating!
lol.. can we at least hope for the famous olives before u turn 30?
geetanjali - some day my child some day.

livinghigh - since you have anyways labled me pretentious, here goes.... olives are a metaphor for all our desires. so you can keep hoping for them but u sure aint getting any!
Aristera - I love you :-) and may that day come soon. Next time?
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