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Saturday, October 29, 2005


yes, yes some more of deca....

vie lounge, the deck by the sea.
jalepeno cheese.
bohemia... the trendiest club in the city.
awful music- hip hop. beer.
i am 24.
i was the second oldest guy in the bar.
i swore i would drink less. party lesser.
hari kunzroo is so shobha de.

never read kunzroo, meluvs... i know what u mean abt gaggle full of kids... same at pollys, na?
You must make a lot of money.

My decadence consists of Cheese Pav Bhaji at Shivsagar and Fame Gurukul on TV.
Totally agree with you abt Hari Kunzru - but what brings on the comment now?

Jesus - I so don't know 'this' you na? Feel like I'm reading abt a stranger's life sometimes...
closetalk - dont bother reading kunzroo

vikster - yes.
cheese pav bhaji and fame gurukul is not decadent. its kewl and hip.

geetanjali - comment on kunzroo now coz i just gifted my bro-in-law "transmission". and yes, jesus, sometimesi feel like i am writing about a stranger's life.
hey don't be apoloetic abt the frangipani,the bars/lounges, choclates, and the films ! they are some of our fav things ...
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