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Sunday, October 30, 2005


a view of the inner chamber

rituporno's waterloo. the man finally fell from grace yesterday. i went with such great expectations. from the man who made shubho muhurat and uneese april... this? huh? baba, kee trash, kee drama, kee theatrics, kee playing to the firang festivals! not from ritudi, not this! a fantastic concept gone horribly wrong. facile. too much borrowed imagery from satyajit ray's devi. soha, god help the silly gurl. she is more shahid kapoor co-star material. and jackie shroff, please shoot him. he ruined devdas, and now this. baba, kee ham! abhishek is wasted as the bihari sculptor. miniscule role. not done, ritudi. but the high light of the film, inarguably, is rupa ganguly. sheer brilliance. such versitile excellence. bheeshon bheeson bhalo.

will watch uneese april on vcd today!

one good thing that came out of this movie... i got my bong synonyms for destiny... besides bhaggo, kopal, niyoti and my favorite borat! i was trying to recall this coloquil word for a year now.
life comes a full circle. antarmahal.

hah, a told u so moment. U should sometime listen to ur not so "arty" friends.
ah, my dear 'not-so-arty' friend, i was still hoping. against hope. am a little childlike in that department. need to burn my finger to know the pot is hot.
Ritudi!! What a riot!! My cousins invariably feminize his name, O to Rituporno noi, Rituparna!
aami aar ki bolbo??????i dont need to vocalize my opnion on this. all i can say is i feel your pain and share the disappointment.
p.s- but i must say u must watch dahan , a fine film by ritudi.
thalassa mikra- um, didnt mean to mock the young genious. just that everyone refers to him as ritudi. even he prefers it that way. like aparna sen is rina di, rituporno is ritudi. i swear, no mockery.

aparna- tumi kichho bolo na. will try n get dahan from someone!
Aristera, u are absolutely right.After Dahan and Utsab I had very high regard for our very own ritu di but now everytime I go to see a rituporno movie I come back terribly dissapointed. What does the bloke try to portray I really dont know! Raincoat --dekhecho?? uggh!!! Who does he think he is? Staneley Kubrik? or our very own Satyajit or Aparna? Ki dekhabar cheshta korchilo? My God!! Jackie and Soha's endless bed creaking scenes was terribly morbid and boring! Ritu Di's inexperience in these matters comes out glaringly. Huh!! I mean can you ever imagine a lovemaking scene without love go on so long!!! In a nut shell it portrays our bengali culture in a very poor light.
antarmahal kintu besh valo laglo.. tomra kintu vule jacho je eii movier tar set up 19 th century, tokhun meyera sirf a peice of furniture... sexual violence ta onek beshi chilo.. ritu kintu valoii potray koreche...

ami 10 out of 10 dilam
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