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Sunday, October 02, 2005


Urban Folklore

There was no water in the tap. Baby Krishna opened his eyes. He wept. Wept non-stop for two days. Flood. The city came to a stand still. The asuras refused to clean the decay. Krishna ventures out. Picks up pali hill with his little finger. Ah! Fabindia will be safe now. Thank God!

LOL! Lemme guess Krishna was a reincarnation of Aristera? ;-)
geets good one. hehehehehe
geetanjali- you mean aristera was a reincarnation of krishna...

aparna- very bad! mere hee blog pe meri hee buraaeee!
thank god for fabindia.
No I meant what I said that 'your' Krishna was a reincarnation of Aristera, which is why it was i his genes to worry abt the safety of FabIndia :-)
o good gawd! and they call ME self obsessed! lol.
funny... but i guess i do not have enough background to understand the fabindia thingy
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