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Monday, October 31, 2005


some of my stuff is with you

We met at the little bookstore around the corner. It was some months ago. October, perhaps. We went for a swim then. At the club. The water was bitterly cold. Odd for October. The chicken club sandwich was divine. So much mayonnaise. You spilled the tangy lemonade on my shorts. The car ran out of fuel. I walked to the crossing and fetched some. It could have rained. I took you home. It’s a very charming house, you said. I said that it was a bit small. But you have two bedrooms and a living room, you said. And a kitchen. A laundry room too! You live by yourself, you exclaimed. Why did I still find it so small? I just smiled then. But did not tell you- where do I fit in all those memories? Of those of pain and happiness. So much history. So much love. So much pain. So many touches. So many smells. So many sounds. Memories take up too much space- you know?

So very true. Memories take up a lot of space.

Great post.
i know. space is at a premium. especially in bombay, na?
PS - Have added your link!
hmmmmmmm don't go there boi.
wish u happy diwali and a prosperous new year.
one always has space for memories cz one never runs out of it.
I don't know if you saw my comment on K's blog where I asked you if you are a Hellene or a Philhellene. Well, I guess philhellene is what I concluded. But do you speak Greek as well?Milas Ellinika?
august- yes. merci beaucoup.

close talk- some spaces are not for sale. premium or no premium.

guppie- somethings are what i attribute to boraat.

thalassa mikra- philhellene it is. greek, not yet. english, hindi, marathi, gujarati i do speak. and bangla and punjabi i comprehend pretty well.and a wee bit of french too. but next shud be greek on my list.
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