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Monday, October 10, 2005


so lonely! living on my own!

ah sing the title along!
moved into my own place (albeit rented)...
feel liberated!
but its so easy to turn a bit uncivilized... if you have no one looking...
have to keep reminding myself to shut the bedroom door while changing and so on....
but its good to be prepared to live by myself in the future too.
i make coffee and sanwiches. havent started full fledged cooking yet!
no wait! yesterday i made popcorn!
bake beans for dinner tonite!
all i need is cable net to go online.
moving into this place...feels like life's come a full circle. again.

And who told you that changing with the door open makes one uncivilised? Ahem?

Baked beans is fun - toss in some macaroni or penne and some capsicums, onions and you get yourself a very nice and filling Macaroni/Penne Hot Pot. :-)

PS Am terriblement apologetic about the way all our plans went awry this weekend...shall make it up to you I promise.
so next time u want to play host host are u gonna cook baked beans or call pizza casa???????
p.s- have i told u you got ursellf a nice apt.we shall all thank ur uncle.
thanks, guys! ;-) same to ya!
ok.. sorry, dat last comment was meant to be a reply on MY blog.... over here, i just meant to yawn
;-) hehehe.
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