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Thursday, October 13, 2005


of solitude

the fine line between
solitude and loneliness!
so very fine.
i tread so carefully.
one slip and boom!
but i enjoy solitude.
my books.
my coffees.
my art.

Ah. One can totally relate. No TV kya?
-that being the most important eh? LOL jk - was thinking of the you I knew back in 4th std, then junior college and the you I know I glad you grew up! :-)

Btw 'The one' - he has TV with cable connection- and laptop (the mechanical kind, not human - atleast none that I know of ;-)) and music...bas kami hai to internet ki! (hint hint)
Nice one.

I slipped and yup. Boom.

The coffee beans have been burnt.
hehehe... de funniest line was... "my art".
ok, baba! SORRY!
nice :-) Some people call their asocial behaviour need for solitude.
c'est vrai.

the one- oh, i do have cable . and two televisions... bizzare coz i m not much of a telivision person

geebaby- will have net in a matter of 3 days.

vikster- one mustnt slip much.

closetalk- there isnt anything funny about 'my art'.

a guppie- welcome aboard

phal- oui!
if left to closet talk, it'd be my (f)art.

Hee hee. Phal.
so true, solitude really is magical
phal- um i'd leave tht to your discretion. hehe.

brood mode- true true
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