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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


cable net! yippey!

at last!
i know there were so many complains bout my not blogging much these days.
well many reasons.
working like mad. mad. mad. 16 hours a day. minimum.
new place, no land line to dial up connect.
but i have cable net now.
its divine.
the speeeeeeeeed! wow!
have discovered hariku murakami.
such a refreshing change from other stuff one reads these days.
its such simple language.
no "play" of words.
no magic realism.
no artifice.
anybody read vikram seth's new?
the times of india had a very nice review.
unbiased. sensible.

hehehe.. u sound like ure on speed, babe.
hehehe.. u sound like ure on speed, babe.
I'm so happy for you. I have discovered sudoku.

Hi Aristera, I'm a compulsive Murakami fan who is right now in the middle of reading Kafka on the Shore. HM is an amazing writer...don't you agree?
"at last!
i know there were so many complains bout my not blogging much these days."
- really who complained???????
You really must do something about this style of blogging - too much this shoving into our face how busy you are.
Aparna - me it was me :-D
So when do I get the book Aristeraji? Btw am very upset with u for yesterday's rather insensitive remark - I'd expect that of Pu, not you. :-(
Oh and why are we STILL posting posts without posts after the lesson I gave you?
Sounds excellent.

Must pick up Seth's soon.
agree totally about murakami. he and david mitchell have been my discoveries for the year.
living high- yes i sure am!

phal- i hate numbers. they conspire against ppl.

junkie- hv moved onto norwegian wood now

aparna- um, all you beautiful people.

geetanjali- it was honest.

august- lemme know how it is once u read it.

guppie- my discoveries would be umberto eco and murakami
I discovered sepukku.

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