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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


aabar decadence

oh, aabar, as in bengali...since we are talking of decadence...bengali it had to touche.

Chanced upon a signed copy of siddharth dhanvant sanghvi’s novel, last song of dusk. Had been debating if I shoud buy it, for the longest time. But the signed copy helped me make up my mind.
Had actually gone to buy seth’s two lives. But the hardback was slightly expensive…695…thought I could wait a wee bit for the paper back. Else I will just go n indulge. Lets see. May be its my diwali present. Besides a new fone (which has no features, less talk time battery- but looks sexual), clothes (but thts because I don’t have any)

Last night geetanjali and I had a nice dinner. Lasagne and salad. Yes, men have salads! Rum chocolates. Nice. Saw raincoat. Ppignant to the core. Love the film. Wish it didn’t hv aishwaria though. Thankfully rituporno’s next- antarmahal- doesn’t star her. It’s a soha-abhishk starrer.

Tonite is chinese food time. Am such a sucker for chinese. Geetanjali and aparajita are going to stay over. Will open a bottle of wine. Can open the jar of olivesi picked up. Hehe, so will just look at it. Don’t have a corkscrew either! So mite land up looking at tht too. Hahaha!

and then today...such decadence....

breakfast at basilico.
hilton oberoi.
jehangir, chemould, museum.
oxford book store.
rhythm house.
lunch at out of the blue.
got a tattoo....

bhalo khavar,bhalo wine...........aunekh mauja korcho
Hehe yes men do have salads.
Dinner was nice yes. So was the piano man. Next time we'll actually have the olives and wine - or else this will become a habit. Posting abt dinner that doesn't really happen - muhahaha!
Btw isn't this posted like 2 days late? ;-)
Ok - just registered - YOU GOT A TATTOO?

Pick up that phone - now!
Envy !!! My day : cornflakes, meetings, working lunch, machine coffee, busy busy busy, MTR
aparna- ekdom! bhalo khavar, bhalo wine aare bhalo sex... c'est la vie

geetanjali- chill babes!

guppie- aah, the simple life! hahaha.dont kill me for this!
aabaar decadence to hoey hobe... aabaar shei Aristera je!
now DAT's called a touche, lil boy.

PS: new phone? which one?
PPS: cant have too much sex, if dat new tattoo of yours is in a tender spot.
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