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Monday, September 26, 2005


yes yes one more 55 words story

Nice party. I was seated next to Truman capote. Andy Warhol was drunk. On my right, Marilyn Monroe was scandalously dressed,. Across was sridevi in a golden toga. Jawaharlal was sulking (Indian menu- Samosas instead of caviar). Jayalaita farted (samosas…). Madame Tussad hadn’t waxed her armpits. I took a second class train back to the suburbs.

hmmm... stuck in a microcosm, aristera? ;-)

get ureself out of the paper bag, now. (though, u can always use dat plastic extra hand as a back scratcher! hehehe)
Or you can use the paper bag to breathe into. So what kind of music did they all listen to?
Hehehe, so those were the others at the Hyatt eh? ;-)

Rip-roaring funny...merci mon cher, mais l'etat de mon esprit n'a pas change par cette petit histoire de 55 mots!
It is quite addictive. I have also gone in for a repeat!
i think i like this the best among your 55 word series.
livinghigh- theres a duality here...the microcosm is the macrocosm too... bindu concept...bramhand!

phal- kajarare remixed with bach

geetanjali- behave! and you are welcome

august- must go see it

brood mode- merci beaucoup! but my favorite (yet) is how many hands...
thank you!
Btw, forgot to mention - I liked the idea of a dream within a story!
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wandering dervish- thanks!

august- what dream?
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