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Wednesday, September 28, 2005



Have you seen a relationship melt into oblivion? Its like this numb anesthetic state where you don’t feel the pain, but you can see yourself (for inexplicable reasons) rip off your nails (with flesh and all). Its like poking pins into your eye balls. Its like inhaling under water. Its like chewing red hot coal?

How can you be in an anaesthesized numb state with you're poking pins into your eyeballs, or chewing red hot coals? It must be bloody painful - but then so is living through a relationship that's like an unreliable volcano, which will either erupt into ur face any day, or fizzle out into dormant state!
Damn all this love-shove....
Love is over-rated.

People are over-rated.

I want a dog.
well lingering feelings of lost love is like the phantom limbs phenomenon.
geetanjali- indeed, damn this love-shove

aryan- sure, ouch

vikster- i thought sex was overrated, but love?

aparna- whats that?
amputees exp the missing arm or leg as if it is still there they.feeling for lost love is sumthin like that
that is to feel sensation from a limb that does not exist
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