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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


towards an anti-aesthetic

I cut of all my hair. Short crop. Close to the scalp. The barber (yes, not a hair dresser or even worse hair designer) said it will look ‘bekaar’ or bad/useless. I smiled. Perfect. I wanted get rid of this superfluous embellishment. I do this everytime I am angry. It doesn’t matter. My grandmom says its ugly. Perfect. Towards an anti-aesthetic. Hahahaha.

I'm quite sure this must be the first time you went to an ordinary barber...
Come to think of it, I don't get why so many guys these days balk at the idea of going to a barber, and proudly state which fancy hair-dresser they go to...jesus if barbers gave decent ladies haircuts I'd probably go to one....going to a beauty parlous for my quarterly hair trim is so agonising with all that ridiculous superficial importance attached to skin-deep beauty...
Reminds me. I need a haircut.
i need a haircut too. too bad the snazzy hair salons no longer need ppl to experiment diff hairstyles.they call up ppl askin them if they want a haircut for free( i was one of 'em once upon a time)
p.s- a barber agreed to give u short-crop . must be really good barber!!!!!!!!!!considering they usually dont do short-crop hairstyle for the regular clientele.
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