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Sunday, September 25, 2005


shaiva theology- a la contemporary visual

new on the list of must visit sites in mumbai- the grand hyatt (kalina). absolute must. have resolved to take some of my friends there and show them around. the so called cultural czar of india, rajeev sethi, conceptualized and curated the art for this fantastic hotel (mercifully not kistch or punjabi baroque or any such nonsens). the main concept was derived after seeing a large water falls (artificial, ofcourse, but nonetheless beautiful) in the center of the hotel. he visualised it as the ganga falling from shiva's head. so all artists comisioned used this as a concept in thier works. in contemporary context, ofcourse. and it makes sense...the elephanta is dedicated to shiva and so are 2 other major cave sites in and around bombay.
it was fascinating to have an artist (one of the commisioned participants) and a theorist (an expert on shaiva theology) talk about the concepts of sada shiv, prakriti purush, ardhanarishwara, etc. in these contemporary works (by artists like jitish kallat, riyas komu, bose krishnamachari, yogesh rawal, atul dodiya, nalini malani, etc).

Oh I just love it when you talk art - makes my knees melt and my heart flutter! ;-P

Btw darling why is this post echoed?
Golden rule - I before E, except after C - only when the sound is EEEEE! :-)
geetanjali- post echoed by mistake.
and u just being mean about my art wala posts. and grammar and spellings are for the weak. i make my own rules!!!
Not mean baccha, never mean with you! Being flighty and bimbo to cover up my complete ignorance of what you just spouted!
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