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Thursday, September 15, 2005


quarter life crisis

my friend pointed out to me the other day (not too kindly) that i am going thru a qurter life crisis. i chopped off my hair. i pierced my ear. i shop like mad. i party a lot. i drink a lot. perhaps i am. funny, come to think of it. this self indulgence. but nice. benetton is my tiffany's.

Self indulgance eh? I think I have been having a quarter life crisis for quite sometime now.

Me three! me three!!! (don't want me feeling left out do ya?). Sheh. Let's pretend to be conjoined twins or something now. *sigh* I don't know what I'm saying. :(
Twins? With three? Me three? Me too? What to do?

phal- very bad girl!

august- phal is so mad. she is she is. she is. but its not a bad idea...
I had a forward somewhere titled Quarter-life aint going through no crisis just going through life. It's a life-long crisis! :-(
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