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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


page 3

wasnt it andy warhol who said something about 15 minutes of fame?
the page three. a large picture. name. well i was embarrased and pleased. common on. be honest, you would too. the amount of msgs and calls i got. wow. everyone reads the tabloids. they say they dont. but they all do!!! how else did they see me there? and what the hell!!! like oscar wilde says-the only people who dont like society are the ones outside it!

LOL yes I know all abt it; so what if mine was just 2 mins of fame and not in BT but Mumbai Newsline...LOL!
geetanjali- mumbai newsline... bombay times... um...
saw ur photu in bt n was like is this him??????u looked bored in the pic. were u ????????then i read ur name in the article .also ur hair has changed much. it looked the same to me.
geets- u know u hv made some noise wen ur pic is splashed in BT be it pg 2( as it was in aristera's case)or pg 3.
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