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Monday, September 26, 2005


one more 55 words story

how many hands do i need to declare my love for you?
You don’t know how much I love you. I bought a plastic hand and attached it to my arm. Now I have three hands. I will get more tomorrow. They just cost fifteen rupees. I might resemble goddess kali soon. Many hands. Ten. Twenty. Hundred. How many hands do I need to declare my love for you?

hey, this is good stuff.
i like the contrast between the two stories.
and the daring touch in the second.
can we have one more please?
Deep. Totally.
I'm not willing to go buying plastic arms - not yet!

The desperation comes out loud and clear in this one - and it's alos more original; if you know what I mean!
hmm unique piece. hands to declare love???
wandering dervish- thanks! and here goes one more post

the one- thanks!

geetanjali- not yet, not yet!

brood mode- hands to compensate for the infidelity, lack of trust....etc.
Oh I thought hands to convince how much I can offer - to what length I'm willing to go...aha, interpretations make such a wealth of difference! No sirree, not buying no plastic hands at all! :-)

I like this the most among the 4.
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