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Monday, September 19, 2005


life (read: bitch)

ran into my ex last evening. an ex who i am so not over. an ex who was on a date. in a city the size of bombay...i still run into someone...someone on a date.... its so funny. so funny. so funny.

Now that is a real bitch!
hmmmm.... it's a joke if it's so funny. laugh it off, funny boy!
august- indeed!

livinghigh- not all funny things can be laughed at/ off.
you will be laughing at this soon
yes life's a bitch
brood mode- hope you are right

aparna- cheers!
awww. well, you'll get over it. until then, try voodoo, and sticking pins into a little doll.
phal- you rock babe!!
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