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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

it rained last night

the shoes were wet.
Wet canvas.
The socks were soaked.
The water in the shoes
Made a squishy sound.
There were no puddles
To avoid.
It was a sea.
I fell flat on my face.
Bruised my self.
Fell into a heap of garbage.
The stench.
Rotting fruit.
Worms crawling over my face.
Dead rats.
Live roaches
Crawling over my lips.
Pus drenched cotton wool
Blood soaked napkins.
Dog shit below my nostrils.
The cat scratched my eye.
I feel weightless.
Tired, I want to sleep.
It’s cold.
It’s wet.
I wish I had you here
I want to tell you
How it feels.
How it feels
To be here
While it rains.
The beauty of it all.

Reminds me of the beginning of that No Doubt know when the guy plucks the orange from the tree and it's all rotten inside, swarming with flies?
geetanjali- yes, now that you mention it...
yep i almost gagged when i saw the beginning of the video dont speak.
aparna- yes, the desired rasa was evoked.
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