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Saturday, September 03, 2005


high art and beer

Opening night of the himmat shah show. Interesting sketches. Very dynamic and rich in form. I think the cleaner works were much nicer. The bull and some faces. Very primitive ways. Picasso comes to my mind. The sculptures were not what caught my fancy. I probably haven’t evolved a taste for 3d work….yet. perhaps it requires a higher level of maturity. I don’t know. But that was last night. Felt a bit bottled up and claustrophobic at the show (don’t generally go for opening nights). It was a bit ‘not me’. But the works were fantastic. Most faces at the ‘do’ were new. I was hoping to see a few people I know who generally go for most shows. But the few people I knew from before were nice. Bumped into a fellow aesthete. I think if I were not doing what I do, I would have liked to be an artist. Don’t know if I have what it takes to be one. But one can always speculate. So, after the show I needed to unwind desperately. Sports bar was a bit much. Headed to mondegar’s with a bunch of friends. Tired. For the first time mondy’s failed to cheer me up. It didn’t help that it was muggy and packed as hell. We got the worst table and hated it. Gulped down a few glasses of beer (I have decided not to count em glasses- I feel guilty the next day). Headed to leopold’s then. Nice. Airconditioned. Great eye candy. Good beer. Lots of it. Good music. The good life.

Wondering why I've never asked you what you think of 'installation art' - my 1st experience with it was when I knew even less abt art, than I do today...Baiju Parthan.

"Most faces at the ‘do’ were new."
-ahem...sure ppl thought you were also a 'new' face, but equally sure you'll be a known face soon! :-)
geetanjali- will do a post on installation art soon, just for you. hehe. no it is very interesting.

yes, they were now faces. what i meant was, not the same ppl you see at most art shows. this was a tad more exclusive. am i think i will be known too, sooner or later...
Sweetie did I say I thought it WASN'T interesting? We saw this video of this French artist who specialises in installation - "interesting" is defi the term I'd use, along with incredibly morbid and psyched out, though that's more coz of personal style. Christian Boltanski - check him out on Google if thee wants.
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